Who am I

You may be wondering who I am and that’s normal. To put it simply, I am a young man who decided to create this blog to help people like me who wanted to start their own business. This complex and constantly evolving world is very complicated to access because it requires extraordinary motivation and unfailing determination.

Unfortunately these qualities do not apply to everyone and that is why I created this blog. I would like to help you to launch yourself, despite the obstacles and difficulties, so that you can overcome the problems that this vocation imposes on people who sometimes have “soft strokes” and who can break under pressure.

I reassure you, I do not give you any advice beyond my own competence. I have taken various training courses in order to be able to overcome these challenges myself. You can see this in the second tab of this page.

At the age of 20, I know how difficult it is for today’s young workers. That is why we are all looking for solutions to ensure a peaceful future in a complex and merciless world. My solution and the one I am defending here is entrepreneurship.

While this is not an easy path, it has the unique ability to give you credit beyond the “classic” work of an employee. It’s hard to feel valued these days, but nothing prevents us from trying. As we often say, studying gives us at least one paper that allows us to go back if nothing has happened as planned or at least desired.

I therefore hope to be able to help you as much as possible and I will be more than happy if you succeed in your personal and professional projects.

When it comes to training, I have not been idle. Indeed I have followed many trainings. Whether for personal development or discovery, I have always wanted to learn new things so that I can apply them in my daily life.

The training I have taken:

business school studies
stress management internship
internship to discover the world’s economy
various online training courses that I will tell you about in a future article
asset management courses
course on entrepreneurship in general
writing courses
business management training courses
internship on online business

These are all the training courses I have been able to follow so far and I don’t intend to stop there.

Of course, this does not represent complete professional training, but real training in the world of entrepreneurs is rare. I have therefore chosen some interesting topics in professional and private terms in order to train myself by “modules” and gradually learn, at my own pace, the important elements of this work and this philosophy of life.