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Motivation is an extremely important thing to succeed. Let’s be honest for a moment, most people today have the unfortunate habit of abandoning themselves to their laziness. Unfortunately, laziness is not a good thing for an entrepreneur or a blogger, it is even the opposite.

In other words, welcome to my first motivational article! I think it’s important to write these kinds of articles for a blog on entrepreneurship and online business. The reason is simple, it often happens that people get discouraged and I find that unfortunate. Most of the time their ideas are great, but the lack of motivation and social climate puts pressure on them.

And yes, we will necessarily talk about the social climate and the popular belief that only geniuses can become wealthy. Relatively speaking, everyone can become one, all you have to do is make the right choices and never give up!

Excuses, the brake of success

Like everything in life, success has a brake that can only be activated if you are not motivated enough. But don’t forget that giving up and getting slack are two very different things! Getting slack is natural, especially in a job with so much pressure, but the most important thing is to never give up completely. So that’s the objective of this article, preventing you from totally losing your motivation and restore it as much as possible.

As the title suggests, excuses are a real obstacle to success! They can have disastrous consequences on your projects and objectives, or even destroy everything. So you need to have the courage and will to succeed.

When you don’t want to do something, think of something that makes you happy or pleases you. With this happiness and sense of well-being, the less pleasant tasks suddenly becomes pleasant to perform. It takes time to control your motivation, but over time you will certainly succeed. Don’t let anything get you down.

When you find an excuse that seems valid to you, don’t let it get the better of you, and think in a different way. For example, you may wonder what the big names in entrepreneurship would have done in your place, despite a justified excuse. This sometimes allows you to look further and understand how to manage your excuses, whether they are good or not!

Finding an external motivation

To succeed, you need motivation. It can come from you or your passion, for example. But if you have an external motivation it can be beneficial. The reason is simple, you can lose interest in what you do at any time, have less passion. But if you do it also for another reason that does not depend on you then it will remain more easily intact. For example, if you launch an online newspaper, then the search for truth can play this role and be a good and inflexible motivation. Having several sources of motivation, whether different or not, allows you to always turn to a few things to motivate and encourage yourself. You therefore need to find multiple sources of motivation.

Another advantage of external motivations is the speeches of idols. Some big names from various sectors have produced very encouraging and motivational speeches that can help you never give up.

The objectives

Setting goals is extremely important to move forward in life. However, be careful not to take off! You need to have realistic and achievable goals! Becoming a genius is for example very complicated, but with a passion for the chosen field you can do it! However, becoming the richest man in the world or the most influential in politics are not realistic goals if you don’t start from scratch. You may be able to become one, but you need basic qualifications for that.

So first you have to find a realistic goal that will always allow you to give the best of yourself. Then you have to find a way to achieve this objective in several steps! Let’s take an example:

If your 20-year goal is to buy a lamborghini, then take intermediate steps. For example, instead of buying a new car, take a higher class vehicle used at the same price (maintenance may be more expensive, but in the long term it weighs little). This way you will really feel like you are getting closer to your goal.

This example is certainly slightly caricatural, but it is worth studying.

The family

I personally think that family is one of the best engines of success anyone can have! Wanting to succeed and help your family is the noblest and most important motivation. Not only does it always push you further, but it also pushes you all the time. This motivation is not ephemeral and will last until your success!

So you have to take the motivation where it is and if you are in this situation, don’t feel sorry for your family. On the contrary, fight to the end to succeed and get what you want! It costs nothing to fight and the reward is the most beautiful in the world, especially if you fight for the right reasons!

However, the family must not be affected by your fight! Remember that success sometimes requires sacrifice and using this motivation to turn it against you will cost you more than anything else! So choose your battles carefully and never make any hasty decisions, you might regret it!

Motivate yourself !

your limits and achieve your objectives. You are all capable of it, everyone who reads this text can achieve their objectives! You will probably need patience, perseverance and a great fighting spirit, but nothing is impossible for those who know how to wait.

Success is a human creation, don’t forget it! Humans invented it to have hope. The hope for a better situation or a better life. This invention keeps employees productive. But you don’t have to see it that way! You can quite see it as proof that some people succeed by inventing something in their own personal interest.

You have to fight and use everything you can to succeed. Success is a great goal because it is never achieved and always requires us to surpass ourselves. In other words, it’s a great way to grow and become who you will be later. Success makes you strong and sometimes insensitive, so never lose the memories of who you are and why you are there in the end!


Being motivated is difficult because many things can shake your motivation. However, there are always solutions that allow you to work hard and progress towards your goal. Never forget that negativity should not be an obstacle to your success, be positive and you will be more effective in overcoming difficulties on your way!

Always giving the best of yourself also allows you to be always satisfied because you will know that you couldn’t do better. Often by giving your all, you will reach new heights and be close to your goal. However, the target is sometimes too high and you can’t completely achieve it! Don’t be disappointed and always give your best!

On that note, keep your spirits up and be motivated!

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