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And yes, SEO optimization, still something important to watch from the beginning. It’s complicated to keep a blog ! It takes time and a certain methodology to properly manage your blog. Once this “routine” is in place, it is not really difficult, except for some aspects such as writing articles and sharing on social networks.

However, SEO optimization is a crucial element if you plan to register a blog in the long term. Why in the long term? It’s very simple, during the first year your blog will have too little content and a slightly too fuzzy quality to attract thousands of visitors. However, if you want your blog to continue to evolve and grow, you will need to position yourself strongly on search engines and this requires a good SEO optimization of your blog, as well as visitors. And yes both handsets give Google enough reason to place your blog in their first page (unless it is filled with very large sites that have similar keywords to yours).

From the beginning

As explained in my article on good plugins and essentials (link), Yoast SEO will allow you to deal with them effectively from the beginning. I therefore strongly recommend it to you.

From the beginning means what it means! When you publish your first article, you must start optimizing it directly. This way you won’t have to rewrite your articles to make up for this mistake. Knowing that rewriting them is a bad idea, unless you improve them in terms of content, but in general it can confuse your readers who would like to read them again.

So make sure to integrate SEO optimization directly into your routine, it will be very useful for later.

A matter of criteria

SEO optimization is a matter of criteria. And yes, the most important thing in SEO optimization is to know and manage certain criteria that Google judges in its algorithm.

These criteria are often quite simple and require only a few modifications most of the time, be reassured. However, it should be understood that significant changes may be required for some of the criteria, particularly those that judge the length of your sentences.

If like me you are used to writing long sentences, then this criterion can be disturbing and complicated to improve. But believe me, it is very important to modify it anyway, because its influence on the result and the ranking of your article is greater than those of the other criteria.

A simple routine

At first it can be constraining and annoying, but once you know the criteria and get used to meeting them, everything will be infinitely easier.

Personally, I try to put them into practice when writing articles, in order to have a minimum of modifications to make.

It is simple, if I modify the text, I will only modify what is needed, it is a human reflex, but it can affect the quality of the text as a whole by creating a gap between the various elements of the text.

That is why, in my humble opinion, incorporating the criteria from the very first writing of your article is much easier. So I advise you to make a reminder at the beginning, with the SEO criteria as the registration.

Experience, the key word

As you might expect, the experience you gain in writing articles is crucial. It will allow you to develop your blog and I think that’s what you want.

As with many things, the experience brings you many benefits. If you want proof, just go to other blogs. You will see that the quality of their articles evolves with time and experience.

What I recommend is that you try new things, discover and experiment. This advice applies to both the blog and your daily life, of course.

For example, you can write an article by trying not to use a word that would be necessary. What’s the use? Use more synonyms and therefore learn to enrich your texts in a simple way.

These small “tests” allow you to learn things that you would not normally learn on your own and this experience is very practical.

Note that these small tests bringing you experience are not directly related to SEO, but if you practice writing SEO optimized articles to the maximum, then these tests will be beneficial.

In short, you can set yourself challenges that may or may not improve your SEO, in general it will always be good to take.

The work, that’s the most important

Indeed you have to work and rework your articles if you really want to optimize them in their SEO referencing, there is only that way that you will wait for your objective.

Don’t forget that your blog will be very affected by this referencing sooner or later. Indeed, it is very nice to have 100 visitors per day, but it is very quickly limiting to share your passion or to run an online business. (I told you there would be no taboo)

Personally, I’ve already started working on it. Certainly my first articles are not optimized in a very pronounced way, but they still have some criteria that are those of SEO.

I therefore advise you to review your article 2 or 3 times before publishing it. During these reviews, you will be able to note the points to be improved and this is how your article will be appreciated by Google and any other search engine of course.

My objective through this article

I have already stumbled upon blogs and websites that had a somewhat ephemeral community and it saddened me. The content was very good but in small quantities, probably due to the loss of motivation of its founder.

I think it’s a shame that some blogs have trouble being properly referenced, especially with the right keywords. I would therefore like to avoid this difficulty by explaining to you that SEO is very important and that it is absolutely necessary to take it into account.

Of course this article does not give you the keys to master SEO, but it warns you about the importance of SEO.

If you want advice on SEO I will soon give you some in a new article that I hope you will like.

Until then, refer my friends, refer.


Ryan Staehlin, founder of

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