Routine, a fake friend

Hello to all of you,

Today we are going to talk about a very surprising subject that may make you discover new things.

Is routine a real friend or not ? You will have understood it thanks to the title I think, but the routine is not your friend.

Indeed, the habits that set in can be harmful to the growth of your blog and so that you can avoid this mistake, I propose this article, to warn you.

What is routine for a blogger?

Your question is quite legitimate and I assure you that the answer is not the one you would imagine at first sight.

Indeed, for a blogger, the routine is not just to do the same thing a few times, otherwise it would be easier to avoid.

The routine for a blogger is the fact that he no longer creates interesting content and that these articles become a few commonplace and routine things.

It is this main difference that creates competition between bloggers, even if they generally get along quite well.

And yes, the pressure to become “has been” pushes bloggers to create interesting content continuously and to go even further, and it is the same for large companies.

In other words, if you are in routine mode, you may no longer interest people, which is, as you might expect, a real disaster for your blog.

How to offer unique content ?

Every blogger asks himself this question at least once in his “career” and the answer is still as abstract as ever.

Think about it, if so many sites and blogs exist with so few similarities, it’s good because each person has their own vision of things.

You must therefore cultivate your vision of the world and extend it to all the themes you want to talk about, in order to be able to propose something that looks like you and is unique.

This can be learned because few people do it naturally.

Learning this method is both simple and complicated.

Indeed, to learn how to project your vision of the world, you have to practice.

No crazy teaching will advance you, only the experience and that’s why it’s so simple.

On the other hand, it can also be a ordeal if you do not understand how to develop this opinion.

In the end, everyone will progress at their own pace, but in general everyone manages to do so.

The proof is that adults often have their own opinions on politics or economics and this comes from their own world view.

It is also one of the causes of intergenerational disputes.

Not seeing the same world (or the same time), our vision is different and misunderstanding sometimes sets in.

My development method

I will now give you my development method.

It will certainly not suit everyone, but I hope to help some of you.

It is very simple in substance and as explained before, very hard in form.

Personally, I write texts on difficult subjects, trying to be as faithful as possible to my own opinion.

Slowly the texts are becoming more precise in their logic and so I can apply my point of view to more solid themes.

Let’s take a philosophical text, although it has a basic meaning I can also add my opinion.

Now if you take a text about how WordPress works, either my opinion doesn’t matter because WordPress works the same way, whether I like it or not.

That is why I am developing this vision.

In this way, I can explain how I would do to improve in this or that area or to find a theme.

It is enough to practice on complex subjects that are open to interpretation (philosophy) and gradually go on to more scientific subjects.

This is how you can use your vision on your blog and develop it, whether in terms of themes, methods and advice, everything will be more personalized and therefore unique.

Spreading too quickly

Personally, I deal with several major subjects in parallel, but I will focus on the main lines for the moment and that is where the difference can be made.

Do not scatter too much or you may find yourself overwhelmed with work and finish without any convincing results.

For example, working intensively on one theme is a good thing, two can still go, but three themes is already too much work without any solid content.

I therefore use 3 themes, but I am not going into the details at the moment and this allows me to look at the themes, to give general advice before going further and further into the details.

When talking about a theme in general terms, I think that 5 themes represent a good basis for work, providing many themes that are simple to develop and interesting.

I don’t think that going into accuracy should be done at the beginning of the blog.

First, it is necessary to attract readers who appreciate the discoveries before interesting those who are passionate about certain topics.

The more content your blog has in a generalized context, the more traffic it can attract on its own.

It is a fact, most readers do not know the specific terms or topics you will develop.

We must therefore start with the generalities and slowly move to the heart of the information.

Several visions

In this part of the article I will make the case for the “invited articles” as they are called.

In reality, these are articles written by bloggers and published on another blogger’s blog.

I find this type of article very interesting and enriching, because if you also offer your version, the comparison is relevant.

No need to search several blogs and sites, everything is directly integrated into the same one.

Not to mention that it provides support between bloggers, which is not bad.

The advantage of this type of practice is quite striking.

Indeed, the traffic generated in this way is very practical to launch a blog or even to make it evolve.

Of course the article must be of high quality, but this brings a more complete side to the blog by offering visions other than those of the main editor.

In other words

What I am explaining here is simple to understand and hard to apply.

In short, you must always innovate and complete your range of articles with new, more specific topics or simply different themes.

But it is not enough to write and have a wide choice of articles, you have to know how to make them interesting and push the information towards a high quality.

Not to mention that you will also have to offer unique content, which is not found anywhere else in order to stand out from the friendly competition of other bloggers.


My conclusion will be brief, you must develop your style and never take anything for granted.

As this article refers to routine, the term “acquired” is appropriate.

Never get into a writing and development routine, always find new ideas and so your blog will thrive.

Take good care of yourself and don’t forget to use your imagination,


Ryan Staehlin, founder

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