Reading and writing, how to combine them

Good morning, everyone,

You are probably wondering what this title hides from you and you are right to think about it. I’ll explain all this quickly with a little briefing.

Simply put, I encourage you not only to write articles, but also to read them. In my opinion, reading is one of the best ways to learn and many entrepreneurs recommend reading books on entrepreneurship, so why not those on  blogging ?

You can find my article explaining the benefits of reading here: (LINK)

Reading to write

I will make it simple for this first part, reading allows you to write. It may seem complicated to understand and yet it is very simple. Reading gives you article ideas, especially when your reading is composed of articles.

Not only does it allow you to see new methods of explanation in other bloggers’ articles, but it also allows you to find inspiration sometimes.

Reading allows you to constantly improve and sometimes it will allow you to be ahead of others in different areas. All you have to do is read to keep yourself up to date, it’s as simple as that in theory.

Of course, simply reading everything that happens is not the right method. You will have to assimilate the information in order to apply it later. In other words, you will have to take notes, understand what is being conveyed to you and sometimes thinking takes longer than reading.

Don’t worry, once you get used to it, reading and understanding will no longer be a problem for you. All you have to do is practice and it will come naturally after a while.

It also allows you to participate in debates/forums. Indeed, your accumulated knowledge will allow you to answer questions on social networks for example, and this will indirectly allow you to do some advertising for yourself.

Knowing your field is the basis to succeed in it and sometimes it requires sacrifice and time. However, if I may give some general advice, being curious in life is one of the most important things. Whether slightly or enormously curious, this will allow you to discover beautiful things, because our land contains absolutely dazzling secrets.

Read to discover

Find out what you’ll tell me? Many things I would answer you.

There is so much to discover that making a list simply seems impossible to me.

Remember, however, that our world is much larger and more unknown than we think. The proof is that scientists know the surface of the moon better than the depths of our oceans, how not to be surprised and excited by this information!

Of course, you may not be here to talk about the as yet unknown animal kingdom, but you should know that there are books for all tastes. That’s why, in recent years, books on online business and business in general have been in constant sale. The world is changing, evolve with it.

Blogging is a very vast world, you will always have new things to learn be sure! You need to be aware that you will never have too much knowledge on your subject or you may, on the contrary, be short.

Let’s take SEO as an example. Did you know that the major marketing schools talk about SEO and that there are paths that are beginning to emerge and that are focused on online marketing. In other words, one of the many technical elements of blogging is large and complex enough for students to study for several years.

If only one element can be the subject of higher education, then imagine the mass of knowledge available on all the themes around blogging. Knowing that I don’t advocate it by heart, there is still enough to spend your time learning new things.

The disease of comparison

Maybe you know what I call the disease of comparison, maybe not. To put it simply, the disease of comparison is your enemy when you want to learn.

This can happen to any blogger, but to put it simply, it’s the fact that you compare yourself to other bloggers and compare your articles with each other.

It’s not a good idea, I’ll tell you right now. Sometimes you will feel like you’re making good articles, but often people who have this habit of comparing will lower themselves. So you will have understood why this is not a good thing, especially at the beginning.

To remedy this it is very complicated, however you can avoid this habit from the beginning and tell yourself that you will compare yourself with them in a while. The objective is to allow you to write more and more interesting articles, in order to compare work written by experienced people and you who will already be more so in the meantime.

It is best to keep it simple, not to compare yourself to others for a few months is the wisest decision you can make, even if it is difficult not to have a benchmark.

However, there is another alternative, and it is explained in the next section.

Find logical comparators

If comparing yourself allows you to have confidence in yourself and especially to have ideas for improvement, then you need to find the right examples. Let’s take an experienced blogger with 5 years of experience, he’s not a comparator for a young beginner, you risk denigrating your work, which is simply not comparable.

That is why I recommend avoiding comparisons, as the solution takes time. Indeed, you will have to find a blogger as experienced as you are and so you can compare his work and yours. But be careful, if you both started just two months ago and he has twice as many articles, be sure to tell yourself that he must have good writing skills and that he is not a good comparator.

In other words, it is very difficult for new bloggers to find their fellow bloggers on the web, especially because these bloggers are unknown and therefore difficult to find.

My advice to avoid looking for a comparator is to compare other people’s articles with each other, but I will come back to this in a moment.

The purpose of this lesson is to make you understand that comparing is good, but knowing what you are capable of and having confidence in yourself is better, much better.

Comparison between bloggers

One of the strong points of reading is analysis. Understanding and analyzing a text can teach you many things. For example, in our case, by comparing other bloggers with each other, you can find reasons for each other’s success and thus improve yourself.

This may sound strange as a technique, but comparing other bloggers is really beneficial for you and the advantage is that there is no malus. Of course you’re not going to send a message to bloggers and tell them the result of your analysis.

In addition, if you take bloggers who are in the same niche as you, you can find yourself with examples of themes that work well. You have to learn to find as much information as possible where others don’t see it, because that’s often where the nuggets are.

Personally, I regularly visit the blogs in my niche and sometimes on blogs with a slightly offbeat theme. In this way, I notice ideas of themes that sometimes are not even on the site! But it activates the brain region charged with creativity and that is how ideas are found (sometimes they are original and sometimes not).

Don’t forget this extremely important detail, everything has been said or almost said! Indeed, most of the themes have already been addressed at least once and therefore the purely original content is rare. However, the theme can be interpreted in different ways! You need to use your knowledge and thinking to bring a fresh perspective.

How can we develop this look and critical sense? Read, read, read and read again.


In the end, the important thing is to develop yourself. If you are not ready, your blog will not work in the long term, because it depends on you.

This may be perceived as a burden, but knowledge is the only true treasure of life, so you need to develop it as much as possible.

I personally believe that education should not be bought. Education should be available for everyone. However, as far as knowledge is concerned, I think that restricting access is certainly not fair, but I understand the reasons for this strange and unique trade.

You must therefore accept that certain knowledge is available to those who seek it. At least they are available and accessible, for those who are looking for them, which is a good start.

On that note, feel free to tell me what you think and subscribe to my social networks.

Until then read and understand,


Ryan Staehlin, Founder of

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