Reading, the weapon of real businessmen

Lire l'arme des vrais businessman-en

I know what you’re thinking: “Oulala, he wants to encourage me to read his articles and increase his traffic, but I won’t let him do it! ».

Yes… and NO. I think that reading is one of the treasures of our world and that it must be preserved at all costs, which is why I always buy my books in paper form.

And yes, you will have understood it with the previous sentence, not only do I love reading books of all kinds, but above all it is books that I want to talk to you about in this article, and not my texts that I suggest you.

Reading, a pillar of knowledge

First, what was the support for your lessons when you were at school? That’s it, often it was books and sometimes sheets that were collected to reconstitute a booklet. To be clear, books have been in the middle of knowledge for centuries. In fact, since the printing house has existed! The invention of printing reduced the cost of books, which before that were copied by hand by monks and therefore cost a fortune because they were very rare. This invention made it possible to democratize reading slowly but surely, until it became the most effective means of sharing. In this way, scientists of all origins have learned from each other and have been able to share their knowledge to advance our world.

Now that this little anecdote, slightly popularized, is over, I will tell you about my feelings about the place of books in our world.

For me, books still have and will have a very important place at the heart of our society for a long time to come. Despite the emergence of digital means that we all know.

Books are more detailed than the Internet, for example! If you have already given a work only composed using Internet resources, your teacher must have told you that some sources were unreliable or even completely false.

Indeed, on the Internet we tend to write what we want and sometimes, because of a lack of information from the editor (who has not checked in a book), we discover an article full of errors.

Paper books have the particularity that to sell well and be recognized, their information must be proven from A to Z ! I am only talking about books and other paper documents of a scientific and serious nature. Under no circumstances do books on the Zodiac killer, although scientific in a sense, fall into this category. The reason is simple, the elements are flawed and old, so no irrefutable evidence, which brings them closer to the work of fiction than to proven scientific work.

Accessible to all

If you don’t like reading, the price of a book can cool you down and make you change your mind. On the other hand, if reading brings you a little pleasure or if you just like to discover new things, the price is quite acceptable for the quality of the content.

They are sold everywhere and especially since Amazon became known. Visit their bookshop section, you will be surprised by the quantity of books available on this site, whether new or second-hand, old or new editions.

The diversity

As far as the themes are concerned, you simply cannot be disappointed. The number of topics covered is phenomenal. Not to mention that authors all have their own way of telling a story, whether it is true, scientific or fictional! Take J.R.R. Tolkien, a famous writer whose works such as the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings (accompanied by the children’s tale the hobbit, yes yes, it is a tale), you will discover a unique fantastic universe, but what amazes me is the writing that is both unique and realistic.

I am sorry, but to return to our sheep, the diversity of books is not only measured by their simple theme, but also by their authors, their time of writing and many other criteria of this type.

So you can be sure that on this earth there is a novel, a short story or even a tale whose story would be familiarly pleasant to you.

Moreover, the diversity of scientific and educational works is simply incredible. I myself have discovered educational works that have made me enjoy myself more than some novels, because of the quality of the writing and the way the information is provided.

Reading, a formidable weapon?

I think that reading is a very important weapon for an entrepreneur, because that’s how you learn how the world works and especially where to aim to succeed.

The books also give you a better understanding of your environment through advice that, despite their general framework, can help you improve your living conditions.

You must therefore cultivate yourself, in all fields if you want, but especially in the business field, in order to be as well equipped as possible to face your opponents in this bloody arena.

I’m not talking about reading for hours a day, every day for a year! But reading a few hours a week is something I’m sure you can do and it allows you to gain skills and knowledge that are crucial to your evolution.

I recommend that you find a quiet spot, settle in comfortably and read for an hour the first time. Then gradually, you will get used to reading in this place, in this way etc. This allows you to force yourself to read without really forcing you.

The technique I have given you is to teach you to love reading. It is simple, everyone can put it into practice (I think) and it only takes a little will at first to get into this rhythm and this habit is recorded. Later on you can read anywhere and anytime, because you will have developed a taste for it.

Don’t forget! Make yourself comfortable. Being comfortable allows you to approach the book in a calmer and even more joyful way, creating a feeling of rest and pleasure.

What to read?

That’s when things get serious! Unfortunately, I am not going to give you my recommendations here. Why? Simply because a second article is being written on the books I recommend.

I decided to do two articles to see who will be interested in the books I will propose. Those who will read my article on the books I recommend will be those who will at least have a little desire to see what I am talking about and perhaps there will be some people among you who are interested in buying one of these precious texts.

So as not to miss it, I recommend you to follow me on Twitter. The reason is simple, on twitter a link to the articles appears 24 hours before the article is accessible from the blog and you can receive a notification when I tweet. This way you will be directly informed when the item in question is released.

How to read?

This question may seem obvious, but in reality it refers to one of my projects. Indeed, if I see that some people are interested, I would suggest you book summaries with advice sheets that will be taken from the book in question.

Indeed, some people may simply not have the time to read, whether because of work, study or any other plausible reason. So I want to prove my information earlier, reading is accessible to everyone. If you do not have time, you will have access to a summarized version of the book and its content. In this way, everyone will really be able to access knowledge, even if time is generally short.

So this is my first project for this blog. I hope it will be a great success and that you will appreciate the work done, because summarizing a book is not easy, believe me, especially not books with such rich and dense content.


You must read, no matter how you do it, otherwise you may find yourself lagging behind, lacking information. You need to find access to quality content like books, so go to Amazon and search, wait for my article and see if a book seems interesting to you to start with (or continue who knows).

Or take a slightly faster route and wait for my summaries that will allow you to access the essence of the book in a minimum of time.

Anyway, thank you for reading me, I hope I helped you in one way or another. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to be informed quickly of new features and see you soon.

In the meantime, do not forget that knowledge is the best weapon and ignorance is the worst flaw,


Ryan Staehlin, founder of

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