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It’s always complicated to choose powerful plugins for your blog when you’re new to it. However, as with themes, you have to choose the right elements otherwise it can quickly cause problems and believe me, plugin problems are much more complicated to manage than those of themes. Between incompatibilities and updates that create problems, we are never protected from a small disaster. However, the good plugins I will present to you are managed by efficient teams that pay attention to their work and the consequences of updates. It’s never too much to surround yourself with the good things you need.

Paid of free plugins

The first question to ask yourself is your budget. Indeed, some plugins are not free, as are some services and others are free. The important thing is to decide if you have a budget large enough to buy and rent the necessary plugins/services or if you prefer to use free plugins. Personally, I’m managing the blog with both, paid and free plugins. To be clearer, I bought some plugins and others were installed on their free version. The reason is simple, I don’t have the necessary funding to directly buy all the plugins that I think are useful and necessary to improve the quality of my blog.

So you need to determine how to proceed before you even download or install your first plugin, otherwise you may have content and incompatibility issues that arise out of nowhere.

List of some interesting plugins

Before I share this list with you, I would like to inform you that these plugins are not suitable for everyone, some may prefer others. But this way you will have a reference list that will allow you to find your way around when you start your own blog.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a very good plugin that optimizes your blog for SEO and therefore your appearance on Google. One of the advantages of this plugin is that its free version is very effective and already allows you to do many things. But as soon as you have to target a more specific audience after attracting a few people, it becomes borderline. Indeed, this plugin is quickly limited in its evolution under its free version.

Let’s take a rather simple example to understand. Yoast SEO does not allow you to put more than one keyword in a free version. This may seem trivial, but keywords are one of the most important elements for SEO. In other words, as soon as a certain cap is passed, the plugin quickly becomes average, and I don’t think that’s what you want.

As for its premium version, Yoast SEO is also very interesting from the moment of purchase. 79 euros, that’s the price of the full version of Yoast SEO. For the beginners among you, it will pass for a totally exaggerated and exorbitant price, but informed readers will know that 79 euros to improve greatly it’s referencing, it is not a purchase, but a real investment in a quality objective.

2. Cookie Notice

And yes, this plugin is now required by law. There is now a law forcing all French-speaking websites to notify when they use cookies to speed up and simplify navigation. Since this law, fines can be very high for people who do not comply with these regulations.

That’s why I’m talking about the Cookie Notice. Not only is it free, but it is, I think, one of the few plugins for which you will never have to pay a penny. Indeed, many free versions already exist and most of them are very good, so you will never have a “premium” version for which you would have to pay, at least I hope.

Cookie Notice allows you to do just about anything you want. Indeed, you can modify the label of the information bar, modify the button and the location of the set. This not only ensures that visitors have seen your warning, but also that you are safe from the law. So take 5 minutes to install and configure this plugin.

3. Elementor

I know, this plugin is not strictly speaking necessary, but I highly recommend it. While starting out, I was shocked by the page editing interface that you will have by default on WordPress. If you’ve never seen anything really inconvenient at all, just go to WordPress. No to be realistic, the system was well functional, but not very pleasant to use.

That’s why Elementor is such a well-known and downloaded plugin. Available in a very complete paid version, a free version is also available. This plugin allows you to edit your pages, articles and others with a “drag & drop” system.

Purists will not like it and I understand them, but Elementor is really very practical to create a classy site, with not only an excellent visual, but a very good page structure. Never forget that positioning information allows you to be more eye-catching when it comes to readers, which is another argument in favour of Elementor.

The last point may seem surprising, but Elementor is optimized for SEO. Don’t be fooled, it’s no better than if you write all this yourself on WordPress with a specialized plugin, but Elementor still has the advantage of being worked on in a way that doesn’t penalize you on search engines and when a tool saves you so much time and energy, while being optimized to get visitors, we can only say thank you.

4. Polylang

This time we are entering a more complex part than the others because we are going to talk about Polylang. This plugin will allow some of you to unleash the potential of your blogs, because this plugin allows you to write in several languages. Polylang allows you, basically, to create a French and English or French and Italian page and so on. Not only does this plugin contain many languages, allowing you to quickly create language selection tabs, but it also allows you to choose which articles and pages are in French or other languages, in order to avoid incorrect assemblies. Very optimized whether for SEO or in its use, this free plugin is simply a marvel and we can be proud to say that this plugin was created and is developed by a Frenchman.

However, being smaller than some competitors in the sector, such as WPML, it has long been in their shadow, and even if today it has established itself as the best free version, it still has some minor compatibility issues sometimes, this can happen.

However, I will tell you about it in a future article, because there is a lot to say about this fantastic plugin.

5. TinyMCEAdvanced

I had a hard time. I admit it, I suffered from Elementor’s (slightly screwed-up) text editor. But I finally found my redemption, this little plugin, that I will introduce you to.

If you already have your own site and you use Elementor, you have probably already encountered a situation where the latter did not configure the text as you wanted, or magically remove all the formatting you had done just because he did not like the last actions. These problems certainly do not happen often, but they are still part of Elementor’s text editor. Fortunately, TinyMCEAdvanced is here to help (at least in part).

A free plugin that improves the basic text editor of WordPress and Elementor, which is interesting for people using or not using Elementor, whatever, I say yes. This tool has various advantages, such as more advanced and orderly paragraph management and very interesting text and image options.

I highly recommend it, otherwise you risk pulling your hair out by trying to find a way to edit your text as you wish.

6. Social Warfare

One of the most useful plugins nowadays ! This little gem is used to encourage you to share, which is essential for a good start. Using social networks is one of the best “free” ways to attract traffic and launch your blog on search engines. Traffic generates traffic, remember this sentence because it will become very present for you.

Social warfare is interesting because it is completely ready for use when it is installed. Even if you can’t really change its appearance (except with code), you can still decide where it appears and how it behaves. For example, you can decide to put it at the bottom of the page on an article page, but keep it stuck at the bottom of the screen, even when you go up. This technique emphasizes sharing with the reader.

The huge advantage of this plugin is that it is free and there are enough forums and documentation on it to get out of any impasse (at the same time the plugin doesn’t have hundreds of features).

7. Wordfence

Welcome to the plugin that will open the doors to eternal security. I’m a little ceremonial, I know, but I’m like that, you don’t do it again. Let’s skip my monologue, I think this plugin is very important for a website because it takes care of the security of everything that happens there. Nowadays online security is one of the most important things, whether for children OR adults (who also and often do stupid things).

You should know that the United States invests tens of millions of dollars a year, just for the security of its computer systems (if not more). It is therefore essential to protect yourself with the tools at your disposal for this purpose. The only downside is that it pays, and not just a little. Indeed, a license can cost up to $90 a year, so save money or you will be exposed.

8. Akismet anti-spam

Who likes spam ? Rhetorical question of course, if someone said me, well, he has a problem. I’m getting lost, but let’s get back to our plugins. Akismet anti-spam is very useful when it comes to protecting your blog from spam. I must say that I thought this was “useless” at first, believing that spam wouldn’t happen directly and as easily and yet!

At the bottom of my articles, I had nearly 35 comments of spam origin after two weeks. I only had a few visitors and yet I found myself with 35 comments. So I immediately changed my mind (acknowledging his wrongs is very important in the business world) and installed it. Since my spam problem has disappeared and the news messages keep telling me that Akismet has done its job, I am delighted.

9. Easy Digital Downloads

For this ninth plugin we will talk about one of the two sales plugins that are included in this list. This is Easy digital download. This small free plugin allows you to sell digital content and allow downloading after purchase of the content in question. Very practical, especially for people who do not want to get confused with a mastodon, Woocommerce. Indeed, woocommerce is slightly complicated to configure if you only want digitized items for sale, which is why an alternative seems quite appropriate to me.

The advantage of this plugin is that it works with Paypal, which is the number 1 online payment method. In other words, he’s the boss. Therefore no need for many other payment methods! On Paypal, a person can decide to put a card on it, add vouchers to buy in physical commerce or other similar methods (payment, …). Here you will have understood, why have to manage these payment methods yourself and in a complicated way, when we do it for you and everything is redirected to a simple, fast and efficient system ? Paypal is simply ideal for small sites as well as for giants ! Of course, accepting other payment methods is always better, but not necessary nowadays.

10. Woocommerce

Let’s get to the heart of the matter at the end of the article. What a genius. More seriously, we are going to talk about Woocommerce. But if Woocommerce! I’m sure you know it. Oh well, I’ll quickly explain to you what it is then. It’s very simple, Woocommerce is a plugin for managing and creating e-commerce and it’s simply the most widespread on earth since nearly 60% of businesses are managed through it (worldwide of course).

This plugin manages everything in a very professional way, knowing that you don’t have to modify much to make it install correctly. Most of the themes are adapted for Woocommerce nowadays, it is a very important “selling point” and has become mandatory since the success of Woocommerce.

I recommend it because for any shop concerned by physical and digital elements or only physical, this plugin is the best available on the market today and on top of that, it is free.

Of course this list does not represent all the necessary/recommended plugins for a blog, but it does contain information about some plugins that I highly recommend. Plugins are given as examples and are proposed for their quality and accessibility. I therefore hope that I have helped you to make your choice on one of these elements and hope to be able to offer you additional content soon.

In the meantime, start your blog smoothly,


Ryan Staehlin, founder of

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