My objectives

Mes objectifs-en

Why did I start a blog?



Very good question! Let’s talk a little bit about my objectives, but to be honest, I don’t know the answer either, but I’ll try to answer as fully as possible. I still want you to know that I have huge plans for this blog and I hope to be able to realize them all. But you only have to read to understand it.

First of all, sharing. I hope to be able to share advices and experiences with you, so that we can move forward together and why not meet each other. Create a kind of community around one or more common themes.

I know this may sound strange, but I find that the potential of the Internet is not being exploited enough, which is why I will give everything and try to create a place of exchange that is 100% open and that will allow everyone to give their opinion in respect, calm and understanding, of the human qualities that I hold dear.

Of course, after the sharing comes the discovery. I hope to discover great people, friends and colleagues, I also hope to meet people who will teach me things that are important to me and help me. But I especially hope to meet people looking for advice and with a calm and open “Mindset”.

We are all different, that’s for sure, but I think it can be a strength, if we respect each other and listen to each other. We will share moments of joy and sadness, the successes and failures of the entrepreneurs that we are and we will try to rise to the heights of success together.


Then we can also talk about training. Indeed, my blog will serve as a platform to offer you training content and advice that will perhaps allow you to go further than where you are now, but above all that will launch you into this world of entrepreneurship.

These trainings will always be provided after a serious and long work on my part. I do not intend to offer you poor quality content. The goal is really to give you the tips you need to succeed. So I hope that little by little you will learn to trust me and appreciate my advice.


And finally there is a financial aspect. Indeed, I am also counting on this blog to help me fill in the gaps during this transition period in my life and I hope to be able to do so with your trust and regular sharing between enthusiasts. I don’t want to earn astronomical sums thanks to this project, but if I can offer quality and outstanding content, a small financial support will always be welcome and appreciated.

In general, this project is very close to my heart, because I want to live a unique experience, an experience that would allow me to meet passionate people and allow us to move forward together. I really hope that our community will be formed and grow. So I count on you, whether to be there and share with others or simply to be respectful and responsible. I hope that everything will go well and that no known Internet problems will interfere with this project.

I would like to point out that there will be no taboos on this blog. Indeed I do not want to leave a theme on the side because of an aspect generally considered as taboo or at least sensitive.

Anyway, thank you for reading me, it was my first article, in a general framework to review my intentions and my project. I look forward to talking to you soon,

Don’t do anything crazy or at least not too much,


Ryan Staehlin, Founder of EntrepreneursFantasy

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