Creating an interesting and profitable blog, an impossible task?

This topic will be part of a general framework of blogging activity simply because it is an essential information. Indeed, I can talk to you about the various elements of WordPress for hours, but the first thing that interests you is: Is it difficult?

This question is quite legitimate, in fact you have to have motivation knowing that you have to give everything you got to succeed. That’s why this article is very important ! He talks about this difficulty and deals with it in various ways.

The technique :

As far as the technique is concerned, it’s all a matter of time because at first it may seem Herculean, but with a little practice, everything seems easier to us.

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I’ve experienced it myself! When I accessed the dashboard of my blog, I was afraid because there were many tabs and elements whose meaning I didn’t understand. It should not be forgotten that fear of the unknown is often a brake on creativity.

Now that I have a few dozen hours of practice behind me, I’m starting to find my way around without having to read where it is. It’s very intuitive, in other words, and that’s exactly what you want.

Of course there are other elements that can disrupt your blog such as plugins and incompatibilities, but it also takes time. Of course at the very beginning there should be no incompatibilities or anything else because you will install a few simple plugins and you will slowly take control of your blog.

You will see, after only a few weeks of blogging, the error messages on your blog will no longer scare you at all and you will start solving them without thinking.

The most important thing when you are surprised by this dashboard is to take things one by one. If you want to understand everything from day one, you will get nowhere and drown yourself.

Set yourself a goal that you can achieve. Like, two weeks to understand the architecture of the WordPress site and how it works. Two weeks seems to be a good time to get started effectively.

As with everything in life, the sooner you take control of your blog, the better! However, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. At the beginning two weeks are not a huge sacrifice to avoid complications, use them carefully!

Why “train” me on my Dashboard ?

I fully understand people who say they will learn on the job and who go head first in creating their blog, it’s a human reaction.

The concern with this method, let’s say instinctive, is that today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s problems.

Yes, my friends, you may make mistakes that will waste you a lot of time later. All this is due to a little impatience and a lack of information.

So that’s my advice, take your time to save some tomorrow and get to know the system in front of you. This will prevent you from having much more annoying problems.

Imagine it as an animal. If you run at him to take him in your arms he will be afraid and will never come to you, but if you take the time to give him confidence, he will come on his own later and you will not need to waste your time chasing him.

Certainly this image is not ideal, but you will have understood that racing from the beginning, when working on a blog, is counterproductive.

The content is the easy part, right ?

Once again, a big mistake. The content may seem like a part of the fun besides the technique but if you want to create an interesting and quality blog you will have to work hard.

Content is not invented first, it is found. You will therefore have to find themes for articles in order to be able to offer interesting content to your readers without repeating yourself, which is difficult after a few dozen / hundred articles.

Moreover, as I explain in my first training session, which will be released soon if everything goes well, writing is not as simple as it seems.

There are rules to follow to make the content acceptable and accessible, but there are also techniques to master if you want to enrich your text and give it a very well thought out look.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to learn how to write. Schools offering this type of course often have very high prices and are not necessarily located near you. And the other possibility is none other than university, not to mention that you don’t learn writing directly.

We must therefore be satisfied with what we have and find working methods that will allow us to improve our use of the English language.

That is why I am currently working on an e-book teaching you some tips and techniques, so that you can develop the quality of your texts. In particular, I give you advice and habits to develop in order to enrich your texts and above all to work on them in a more in-depth way.

However, keep in mind that there are many ways to write a text and not all of them will suit you, so remember to try different methods and find your own writing routine.

30 minutes a night and hop

If what is said before is false, you suspect that this statement is also false.

I want to clarify things immediately! It is possible to work only 30 minutes a night indeed, but this refers to blogs that already have content and regular readers.

When you are a beginner, you will have a lot to do with writing, formatting, improving and most importantly managing.

A blog therefore takes a relatively long time. Personally I spend almost 2 hours a day on it, but it’s also related to the fact that I write several versions of articles for various themes, in order to find an axis of attack that I like.

So let’s be clear, 30 minutes is not everyone’s average, but only people who have already provided a lot of content and whose technical side is perfectly in place can work 30 minutes a day on their blog (which takes a considerable amount of time).

Don’t be discouraged! It will take you more than 30 minutes a day, but who knows? In the near future you may also have to work only 30 minutes a day. Just because it takes time does not mean that it is necessarily impossible for the average person, quite the contrary.

I precise that 30 minutes is on the blog and not in their life in general. A lot of blogger have a job next to it.

Social Sharing

One of the things that takes the most time when the technical and writing sides are already well advanced is social sharing. It’s simple, the more you work on your communication, the more traffic you will have on your blog!

Know that traffic is much more than you think and I will tell you about it in a future article. You will realize a brutal and simple truth about the global market and I hope that this will help you avoid a critical error.

It’s time for you to share your blog, but again, it will take time and I recommend that you start from the beginning! Don’t be afraid to “sell” your blog, especially not! Don’t be too insistent either, but if you can talk about your blog and try to attract curious people who could be your loyal readers of tomorrow don’t hesitate then.

Let’s take an example, you have written 15 very interesting articles and you want to make them read to as many people as possible. So you’re going to start sharing on social networks! Bad idea than to have waited, because you will have the promotion of 15 articles to do quickly, but without sending everything in a day, otherwise readers will expect 1 articles per day, while the writing took you months.

In this case, a potential enthusiastic reader is used to a rhythm of one article per day and that’s where it will block because these readers could leave if you don’t publish every day anymore.

We must therefore start as soon as possible and in the most effective way possible.

Personally I recommend Twitter and Pinterest to start with, because even if Pinterest requires a few first steps, Twitter is “instant” and very interesting. On the other hand, further back in time, Pinterest is proving to be a steamroller in terms of traffic.

Remember that you are on social networks, so be polite and courteous! A good image always attracts more people and even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t cost anyone anything to be friendly.


In the title I talk about profitable, but so far I haven’t addressed this subject because you first had to understand the type and amount of work that a blog represents.

So I will start now and I hope I haven’t discouraged anyone because that’s not my goal, on the contrary I would be delighted if many of you would start your own blog.

To return to profitability, this is a more complex part than explained above.

Not only are all the other points included, but much more. The content must be of good quality, the blog must not crash at the slightest purchase, it must be possible to publish on social networks regularly otherwise your community will not be extended and therefore few “buyers” will be among them.

In other words, creating a blog is quite “easy”, creating a good blog is difficult and creating a profitable and very good quality blog is not easy at all. But fortunately for you, there are many things that make your life easier today! CMS allows you to avoid coding, in other words, you don’t need to do any programming studies to keep a correct blog. You also have the plugins that do a lot of the technical work (you just need to monitor them a little) and finally you have the social networks that are very easy to use now and that allow you to spread the information quickly and very far.


My conclusion is final ! Blogging is within reach of anyone, as long as you have the will and motivation. You must not accept to be shot at the first obstacle ! Never, not even in your life! Never accept failure, otherwise it will get you nowhere! It is true that the great ones of this world win, but the wisest ones fight and never give up.

That’s why I think anyone can start a blog, the quality will depend only on you, your personal investment and your motivation.

I hope you have regained some courage with this article and that you feel ready to embark on the adventure! See you soon for a new article !

Until then, get started,


Ryan Staehlin, founder of

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