The blogger’s mindset, your principal weapon

L'état d'esprit d'un blogueur-en

Hello to all of you,

This article will deal with a theme that is at the heart of your blog, your state of mind.

I reassure you right away, your state of mind is not fixed, you can move towards a new conception of blogging at any time.

However, if you have the right vision directly, the right mindset can be a significant advantage.

That’s why I propose this theme among the first articles of my blog.

Quite simply because it is one of the first topics on which any blogger will ask himself questions.

Seeing far or seeing big ?

This first part concerns your project as a whole.

Indeed, it is better to go far in time than to hope to have an immediate, massive but also ephemeral success.

This question is very subjective and yet everyone must find their own answer quickly.

To summarize why this decision must be quick, understand that according to your projection your blog will not evolve in the same way.

It is always necessary to foresee the future of a blog and define certain objectives and that is where this question will arise.

Whether your objectives are to create a reference in a field, share your passion, create an online business or simply for the pleasure of communicating and proposing content, you will understand that the procedure will not be the same.

That’s why it’s not so easy to create a blog that claims to be qualitative.

Although it is not really a business like a company (in form), the content is partially close to it and therefore forces you to act in certain ways.

Personally, I find that there are few cases, or even none, where a short-term vision is really beneficial.

The reason is quite simple, nowadays, whether with our tools or our society, there is always a way to make things last.

So certainly, the excitement may be minimal after the site’s explosion period, but you can always adapt some things to make it happen.

The only real limit is you and your imagination.

You, because you will need motivation for this slow period and imagination to regain interest in the long term.

That is why I think that the long-term profile is more logical in general terms.

Always do better

This part is a second difficulty of blogging.

You must be able to demand more from yourself, whether in terms of personal investment or imagination.

Nowadays everything goes very fast and it is this pressure that pushes bloggers to always do better.

Indeed, the “has been” label is very quickly attached to a blog or anything else.

This is evidenced by the trends that are evolving and changing at a rate that is beyond comprehension.

Globalization and the digitalization of our world for this purpose, which can be beneficial as well as devastating.

In a few weeks, new trends can conquer the world through social media and influential people.

This section, although short, allows me to make you understand that evolution and adaptation are the key words.

It’s up to you to evolve

A blogger should not remain locked in his image and comfort zone, he must push himself and go get the best of himself.

It’s simple, put yourself in the reader’s shoes and imagine what you would like to see.

A simple soulless article giving effective and pompous advice or an article that goes off the beaten track and dares to offer innovative, sometimes crazy advice, but does so for the good of its readers.

Personally, I choose by far the second category and I think it will be the more chosen of the two.

Now you need to evolve and prepare to give everything you can give.

You have to take it upon yourself and test new things or you will have to accept to talk about certain taboos, that’s how it is.

But if you keep it simple and banal, your blog will also be simple in one way or another, so no matter how much work you do, you won’t get the results you deserve.

Do not only do what is easy for you, but do what is not easy and set an example for your readers.

I reassure you that I am not giving you advice that I am not simply applying because some projects that are coming slowly but surely are in this category.

The only limit : you

Take my word for it when I tell you that you are the limiting factor of your blog.

Certainly if you have a small budget you will not have access to all the coolest features, but when you really invest in it, the machine will outperform you by far.

That’s why, to give your blog a hard time, you need to free yourself from the classic and corporate thoughts that surround you.

Anything is possible when you believe in it and nothing can ever stop you from trying.

There are some cases harder than others indeed, but generally speaking you will always have a chance to do what you want and when you want.

That’s why some blogs are so colourful, because their owners let go and offer everything they love, as they love it and readers appreciate it!

However, there are areas that do not allow you to do so much foolishness, let’s take business as an example.

Indeed a business blog will not be as fun and crazy as another blog, simply because the theme does not lend itself to it.

You must keep a minimum of seriousness and credibility otherwise it will not work.

Perhaps you are one of those who believe that business is no longer a costume and tie world and that you can speak in familiar language, but I tell you, it is not the case.

At least not yet.

Personally, I would find it a shame to see this culture disappear and that is my personal opinion, but I understand that many people want this world to become more flexible.

So try to respect these rules, until they disappear for good.

Anything is possible

If there is one slogan that works for blogs and many other things, it is: “Everything is possible”.

Whether in terms of content, form or simply objective, blogs simply have many ways to go and you will surely find yours.

Never forget that nothing limits you except yourself.

If you agree to live in chains in our society, you will never go where you want because others will tell you that it is impossible.

But it’s not impossible, even if you don’t have any money at first, even if you have debts and even if you don’t have any specific knowledge, you can do what you want.

All you have to do is learn, manage and succeed using your head.

With that in mind, try to create your own vision of our world.

Don’t be like the others and see you soon.


Ryan Staehlin, founder of

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