Short post #1 – Do blog still have an interest?

There you are at last,

Welcome to my first brief, a new format where I talk about a short theme or I propose the development of an argument on a broader theme.

These briefs are there to be accessible and quick to read. You will be able to fill up with information in a very short time.

For my first brief I am already challenging myself, to assess whether or not blogs are still interesting. In other words, it will be a series of briefs, not necessarily consecutively, that will develop the theme over time, analyzing the evolution over time and thus we will have a more developed and precise argument.

Argument for, social marketing:

The first argument I will develop for you is the history of new marketing. This marketing is obviously interested in the customer and what has changed is the customers. They are less interested in the products of the stars, compared to a certain period.

And yes, muses don’t pay as much as they used to, some of them! And yes, the social influencers, this new wave of contextual decision-makers swept across the networks and quickly seized power.

Today, influencers have many more impacts than muses, because they are affordable and yet the impact is still huge.

It is also a good process exchange, because by giving visibility to influencers, brands make them even more famous, making them idols.

In the genre it’s very simple, the Kardashian and Jenner are the perfect examples of this kind of social rise. You can also mention the biggest American youtubers who have also successfully completed their financial conversion.

In the end, social influencers are everywhere and more and more brands are calling on them. And when you think about it, bloggers are social influencers.

The difference between blogs and Youtube is that videos and therefore editing, effects and other audiovisual tricks are there to bring a humorous or more advanced aspect.

As for writing, it cannot make you feel the same as a video right now.

That is why I believe that bloggers still have their place in this world. Their content is different and appeals to a target community, and they are also social influencers, a rapidly developing trend.

Conclusion :

It’s already over, and yes. Writing a brief is very fast, and it allows you to deal with more subjects in a much freer way.

I hope you will like this new format, feel free to give me your opinion in the comments.

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That’s all for this brief, so see you soon for another brief.

In the meantime, keep looking for information, because that’s power!

Ryan Staehlin, founder of

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